Minecraft: The Ba Sing Se Project
would you please try to update this more, even if there's not a ton of things to say? i just really enjoy knowing that the progress continues!

Thanks for your interest. Haven’t made much progress lately but next thing I do I will be sure to post it here.

I JUST finished the beginnings of the website for the server on Enjin. Please keep in mind I’m learning all of this stuff too and it will be some time before everything is in order and we can start uninhibited work on The Ba Sing Se Project, but it’s a start!

If you’re interested in helping as an Admin (please, especially if you’re mature, serious and know anything about Enjin and or starting a legit MC server).

If you’re mature, kind, a talented builder and are interested in applying, go ahead and apply! I can’t promise I’ll start accepting people when there’s no server, but at least I’ll have your applications. Please recommend to any of your friends or anyone you know who is interested in both Minecraft and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Thanks for your interest and keep checking back here and at the website for more updates!


Are u still working on it? I can't wait for it to be available!

I am slowly but surely. Thank you for your interest and keep checking back for updates (hopefully) soon.

how long have you been working on it already and what's your closest guess as to how much longer it'll take? like, a couple of years more or what?

Certainly not years more, no. It’s really just a matter of me getting people I trust to help me start a server. But all that will be a big learning process and will take a lot of time. Once I get the server going it should move quickly.

have u built Omashu Yet or can u built it

I’m not building Omashu, I’m building Ba Sing Se.

I am planning to use this as a place in my friends server, so when do you think this will be finished?

Not any time soon honestly.

How big is the whole city currently?

Approximately 3000 x 3000 blocks, and growing.

Is there some kind of way to join your server or download this map to take a look at those buildings by ourselves?

I will probably put the map up for download some time in the future. Right now it’s still in progress (and a long way to go) and I’m working on setting up a proper server so I can actually finish. Thanks for your interest though and keep checking the tumblr for updates.

Unrelated to the Ba Sing Se Project-

Little for-fun build I did on the side today. I’d appreciate some upvotes on the Reddit post. Thanks :)


North Palace Gate and steps, not shown in the show. These steps lead down from the North Palace Plaza to the rest of the North Plaza, where the royals and servants live. I modeled it after the steps in front of the Hall of Supreme Harmony in the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.